Quotes on Artwork by Walter Bruneel

'Walter Bruneel is truly unique. He is an extraordinarily sensitive artist who channels the very highest of vibrations and makes them manifest. '

Judy Hall, Author and Channel

www.judyhall.co.uk and www.angeladditions.co.uk

“These inspiring creations through art, take the soul on a journey that can be felt by each individual … from their own interpretation and discovery of what lies within.

Truly Light - filled, stunning pieces.”

Blossom goodchild, Channel and Author



“Walter Bruneel is one of my favorite futuristic artists. Archangel Michael tells us that Light, sound and color are the modalities of healing and transformation in our emerging Fifth-Dimensional reality. When I gaze at the exquisite colors and designs of Walter's amazing "otherworldly" artwork, I always feel more attuned with our wondrous friends of the higher realms. Walter's inspired art helps us to remove a little more of the "veil of illusion" from our eyes, so that we may envision more clearly our world of tomorrow. Thank you for your wondrous gifts of Light and Love, Walter.”

Ronna Herman, Author and Messenger for Archangel Michael


“Walter Bruneel's visual art is inspired. It is also exquisitely beautiful. Each acts as a window, sometimes clear and focused, sometimes clouded and mysterious, into a dimension deeply familiar and yet just beyond our senses.Many pieces suggest a single frame grabbed from the realm of dreams and entheogenic visions, others seem to catch that magical moment of co-creation when celestial inspiration finds its visual voice.

Like most everybody, I've seen a great deal of computer generated art over the last twenty years and while Walter Bruneel clearly takes advantage of some of the natural artifacts of the computer, they are handled with such grace and delicacy that the images can only have emerged from this particular medium.

We'll be seeing a lot more computer generated art in the future yet I'll warrant we're unlikely to see anything to surpass Bruneel's mastery of a medium that offers such a glut of possibilities. Perhaps it's the very transformative nature of computer art, from the artist's first visual representation through to a stream of digits, that can invite an opening to the subtle ambiguities of other realms of existence.”

Timothy Wyllie, Artist, Author and Channel


Hello, dear heart, your painting is absolutely awesome.  It takes my breath away.  What a beautiful gift to the world.  I send you my love and angel blessings,  Ronna

Ronna Herman

Dear Walter,


I came your website for the first time this morning and am awestruck! What incredible vision and beauty - the archangel of our retreat this year is Zadkiel - I haven't found a satisfactory image of this archangel of transmutation until I came across your site - Wow!




Ronna Prince
Conscious Channel of the Ascended Masters


Dear Walter

I am looking for an artist to feature on the front cover of our next

magazine and wonder if you would be interested in contributing.

I have been searching the internet for the 'right' piece of artwork and all

roads have been leading to you

Peace & blessings

Claire Williams


Paradigm Shift

Thank you for posting your fabulous artwork for us to see... You are able to capture the vastness of the Consciousness of the Masters I especially like


Vickie Ramirez

Texas, USA

Namaste Walter,
A friend of mind recently forwarded your work to me and I felt compelled to write to you. Your visions are breathtaking and very inspiring to myself and my partner. I am a sound healer and vocalist, and my partner is a visionary artist and animator. Deep Gratitude for the work you are doing.
Blessings from Elphinstone Canada!

Dear Walter,

I feel your exquisite artwork and it is awesome. I have had a very hard time in the past, organizing the depth of  feelings that swirl around beneath my everyday consciousness into some coherent shareable language. Poetry is the closest that I can come. But I "hear"these feelings clearly through your images! My heart sings with them! I just want to dive right into them.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you, for creating these.

Happy thanksgiving,

HI Walter,


You site is very lovely as you work. I to am an artist www.djpoye.com and found your site on Divinity Codes. I just wanted to let you know there are

many of us across the world blessed with the site and knowing of our true purpose and just wanted to check in to say that.

 Smiles form Sedona,


the Violet  Flame art...It is  beautiful..

Thank you..

Blessings in Love and Violette Light,
Edna "Violette Raye"

Dear Walter,


Hello.  My name is Chie Enomoto and I found your beautiful web site at Ronna Herman's HP.

Your pictures are all amazingly beautiful and touch deeply my heart...


Love and Angel Blessings,

 Chie Enomoto (Enomoto Tsusho LLC)

 506-7 Hirano Yamanakako Minamitsuru

Yamanashi, Japan


 tel; 81-555-62-2262

Aloha Walter,

I just saw your Violet Flame Initiation annimation and it is exquistie

and also perfect for the fire portion of the ceremony for the alchemical

transformation into white fire







J'ai découvert votre travail et je le trouve vraiment exceptionnel.



wowee Walter... the portrait came today and holy cow is it even more stunning than the email image could ever portray.. the energy in this portrait is ELECTRIFYING!!!!

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart and beyond!!!!!!!!

Love you!


YaMa'EL The Golden Dragon Goddess
Intuitive Energy Healer | Higher Self Channel | Master Activator

Hi Walter


I've just been looking at your gallery, so inspirational. I was browsing because I'll probably need a cover for a book on intuition. The previous cover has been much admired and I like the idea of keeping a series going but it is Margaret's decision as publisher (and she hasn't decided to take the book yet).

 Also I love the Brandenberg Angel, because it's my favourite stone as I think you know.

 xxJudy Hall

Dear Walter,


My name is Kelly, I am contacting you from the Saatchi Gallery here in London. Whilst searching the web I came upon your site and was impressed by the high standard of work


Kelly McCann

Saatchi Gallery



I found your website through searching for free audio activation transmissions.  Your work is absolutely stunning.  Given my innate predilection for the abstract, the absurd and the surreal it’s a rare occurrence when I’m impressed by visual art.  Wow.  WOW.  WOWOWOWOWOW!!!


In love and light,



Dear Walter,

Your artwork is the most exquisite work I have ever seen.

Would like to have info on the price range of your pieces. Could not

tell from your site if they are as as originals or glicee prints

Thank you & Many Blessings,

Lynn Hansen

Hi Walter!

I saw your art on Ronna Herman's website, www.ronnastar.com, and was totally entranced by your genius. Your art is beautiful, moving, emotional and uplifting all at once. I love it!
We send you our best wishes, and thanks for enriching our lives with your art.

Best Hugs and Lightworker Blessings,

Marilyn and Frans BAARS

I just came across your website and artwork!

 All I can say is WOW