the art of snooze or roll over Morpheus


ARCANGLEZ : Muses may wear gossamer wings, but sometimes use rocket launchers.


Monday morning. I was barely awake, in that fuzzy zone where you get all kinds of imagery and flurries of thoughts, not all of them coherent. Early morning. Way too early to get up. I had been working on "Planet Girl" the night before.


I remembered a fragment of a dream where I made a portrait of Brian Froud with a fur coat. Apart from the fact that I don't know the man personally but hold him in high esteem as the creator of a lot of fantastic worlds and their denizens, I pondered the choice I made of a russet biggish coat which would have fitted perfectly a kind of steampunk baron. Not a clue if he would be into that kind of imagery. I dozed off again, “Arc Angle” I perceived as a soft presence in my head, those two words, calm and clear, accompanied with the image of an arc crossing an angle. I chewed on that one for some time, thinking, “Yes, not a bad idea, two types of lines in Sacred Geometry, and it sounds a bit like Archangel”. Not bad, I might do something with that . Had a bit of an inner tug of war deciding whether to stay in bed and trust that I would remember it later on or ...nah; just in case, I got up anyway, grabbed the first piece of paper within reach and the first item that could be used to write, which was a fat black marker, and scribbled the idea down. Satisfied with the fact that I had jotted down  the basic idea, I went back to bed. The idea, however subtle, kept swirling around like some incense wisps that had a particularly lazy day in mind. “Hmmm- Arc- Angle; where does that come from? Why did that just pop up...Arc - Angel - Arc- Angle - Angle... there used to be a band Pentangle...

Arc...Angle...pentangle “– and then things suddenly went “whoomp kabinggg zoink” like a pinball machine – I saw a pentagram with each point of the pentalpha being crossed with a section of a circle, and that there needed to be a lightning in the name, conveniently provided by the “z” of “Arcanglez” at the same time hearing that “Anglez” would be pronounced as Angeles like in Latin or in Los Angeles but with a combined guttural, almost k-like sound, making it a soft “Ankh” sound. The inspiration kept coming – it would be a dot com, and that would refer to the graphic section of my work with the com being the “C” copyright symbol with the “Om” symbol within a circle (the dot)!

The name contained the A-Z spectrum starting with A and ending with Z, and the word “arcane“ was somehow implied as well – ending with “ez” making it easy !


Needless to say I rocketed downstairs scrambling for paper to take notes and immediately set to work. Two hours later I had the logo down, including the typo, some refinement and several versions to choose from.

Above, the first version - below, the second one - a second circle was added to achieve more of a "bull's eye" effect and hell yeah even a Lakhovsky coil while we're at it :)

I will note down, I did note down actually, today 27th of March, as one of those days where inspiration just hits you like a flash of lightning, and you get to see the entire package at once. So that's the story behind the logo and the content.


On hindsight, the logo seems perfect for a brand, including two major symbols of power and unity, at the same time looking solid and sturdy. Swell ! :)